A few years ago I learned a very valuable lesson, it all started like this.  We were living on the beach and it was the middle of summer.  I was in what I would like to call the beach mood.  This mood always brought about the weirdest things and on this day it was that I really wanted a tropical drink served in a fresh coconut shell.  So my wife and I purchased some coconuts and while she was on the third floor of our home, I was on the ground level trying to open this coconut.  Luckily the coconut had a thin line carved around it to make it easier to open.  Being a very resourceful person, I decided to smack the coconut along the edge of the concrete to break it open.  I carefully placed my hand around the coconut to prevent from hitting it on the corner of the concrete because I knew it would take some force to get it to crack open.  Now it was time for me to open the coconut.  I drew back and swung that coconut with great force and it hit right on target on the corner of the concrete.  I’m not sure if you know how tough coconut shells are, but they are really tough to break, but not tough enough from preventing me from cracking it.  In a split second the shell cracked open, but only opened long enough for the a good portion of the skin on the end of my finger to enter in the crack before closing again.  Thats when the pain came, by the time I looked at it a blood blister had already formed and it hurt, I mean it hurt bad.  So I ran to the garage to get a screw driver to pry the shell open to get it off my finger but the garage was locked.  So I ran up three flights of stairs to get to the top floor of our home to get the key.  Of course I was greeted by my wife, so the embarrassing event was now witnessed.  With key in good hand and a dangling coconut in the other I made my way to the garage where I ultimately got the coconut off my finger.  This event such as most failures could have been prevented.  First, they had precut coconuts where I purchased the whole one and by buying that precut ones, I could have prevent the entire incident.  Second, If I had thought through the process even for a couple more minutes I surely would have realized that it was a very smart idea.  Third, if I would have prepared a little better I would have planned for contingencies.   So when you are planning to open a coconut, start a business, or any other venture, keep in mind that you need to take a few things in considerations.

1) Am I making this more difficult than necessary?

2) Have I thought through the process many times to make sure it makes sense?

3) Do yI have a contingency plan, or exit strategy for if things don’t go directly as planned?

I never got my tropical drink that day but I did learn a lot from the incident.

Hello, I’m Kenneth Moody and this is my blog in which I’ll share personal experiences and methods to achieve anything.  In future posts examples of success and failure will help guide you in your path to success.

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